The Kansas Kid


I dedicate this book to Shirley M. Westerman, my sweetheart, my wife, and the mother of our four wonderful children, Sandra Jean, Pamela Kay, David Scott and Gary Scott. There are no words that can adequately express my love and devotion to this beautiful lady.

This picture displays her beauty and her charm. One only needs to read the poetry she composed, along with her many writings, to be exposed to her keen mind and gift of expression.

From deep in my heart I thank her for our 67 years of marriage, and I look forward to that time when once again we will be together in the heavenly kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

With all my love, my dear.

Harold S. Westerman


Over the years, I’m sure we all at various times try to analyze our past, how we followed certain paths and arrived at one decision or another, remembering some details that impressed us, and feeling at a loss to understand the complexities of life itself. There are the ever-present elements of time and space that are beyond our understanding. When one tries to put an individual’s lifetime in perspective in comparison to the universe and its beginnings, unless I’m different, it’s impossible to even comprehend. We are here for only a blink of the eye, and yet for each of us, our time seems forever. My childhood is only dreams, and as wonderful as they are, they are so very distant and vague. We remember highlights, yet each year passes and blends into another.

When one thinks of the great philosophers, poets, scientists, artists, kings and queens, etc., we forget that they were here for only the same time period as we. In most instances, for even a shorter period; yet we think of their accomplishments as taking long periods of time. The pharaohs of Egypt or the kings of the ancient civilizations were just like us, born, and then becoming whomever their fate produced. History tells us that man has always been susceptible to evil, especially to his fellow man. It seems that greed, lust for power, selfishness beyond bounds, and many other characteristics have tormented cultures from the very beginning of time. Our Lord and Savior gave us guidelines, commandments, and, yes, stories, to illustrate how to live, yet for some reason, we have great difficulty in applying them in our lives.

I certainly have no words or thoughts that are unique, nor do I profess to be above any other human as to proper thoughts or deeds. Sinners are we all in some form or another, yet it has been the rule that some are able to ask forgiveness, obtain God’s help, and move on to more responsible and worthwhile lives. As our lives unfold, it seems apparent to me that most people find their way sooner or later. Many are so talented with such keen minds, that it’s very hard to understand how they also falter in some aspects of their lives.

From caveman to scientist, we see the evidence of talent in varying degrees, which would indicate that there will forever be a continuing advancement of the human mind and, hopefully, behavior. Let us hope that we don’t blow up the earth in the process. What this means for each of us as an individual is probably beyond our imagination. However, the Lord has spoken in so many ways, that I am convinced there is a creator. One need only to open his eyes and to listen in order to come to the conclusion that life is eternal and there is a hereafter as God has so eloquently told us. We can’t possibly understand it, but I’m sure faith is our true salvation.

If my life can contribute just a little to what was started millions of years ago, it will have all been worth the effort, pain included.


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