February 2012

February has flown by, and it just seems that “the faster I go, the behinder I get.” Things are moving forward with planning Dad’s service for August 18th, with several dozen RSVPs having come to Sandy (floofly@hotmail.com). Also, every few days another card or note comes to me via traditional mail, bringing fond memories from my past. Guy Whitten, President of the M-Club in Orono is working with Jack Cosgrove and me to put together a collection for display of some of Dad’s memorabilia from his UMO days, things like trophies, game balls, plaques, etc. Russ Williams at Kieve-Wavus is helping to get a story and announcement ready for their April newsletter.

Uncle Westy Ready for Council Fire - 2009

It has also been fun to watch my website traffic ebb and flow as announcements get splashed out there and people go searching. Yesterday brought one of the strangest hits to date, with a search for “dead cat ‘nicotine poisoning’” that led someone to Dad’s Childhood Years chapter, in which mice died after drinking water tainted by submerging a handkerchief that had smoke breathed into it. Makes me want to run right out and do a science experiment, but the prospect of trying to get that approved by the institutional review board is too daunting.

Thank you all for your comments and friendly messages. Ciao. Dave

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