Sunny, Cold and Windy in Vermont

The day after rifle season ended last fall, Elga was walking the dog out back and spied a deer lying on fresh snow, rump shot and available to the highest bidder (me!). At the moment, I’m sitting at the window dining on venison steak cut in half-inch slices, rubbed with olive oil and sweet and smokey chipotle rub. Life doesn’t get much better. I’ve been making vension jerky in the Traeger smoker that Elga bought last year. I try to keep  little baggie in my briefcase for those moments when my tummy rumbles.

I’ve been posting at other sites recently and thought I would put up links to a few stories and “blurbs.” My life flies by so fast that there’s no way I could keep up in multiple places, so shortcuts and “double-dipping” are my salvation.

Spring Break in Sunny CA

Westerman Publishes in Advances in Volcanology

Academic Research News and Events

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