Lisa Anne Westerman
Matthew Evan Westerman
Nicole Marie Gemst Westerman
Tyler Gemst Westerman

Children of Lisa
Nicholas Scott Allen Black
Gypsy Amanda [Black] Savage
Richard Isaac Engle aka “Zeke”
Benjamin Scott Engle
Ella Grace Anne Engle

Children of Matthew
Tahvia Sara Westerman
Milana Mei Westerman

Children of Nicole
Kalen Scott Beasley
Savanah Nicole Yefchak
Conner Julius Yefchak-Westerman

Great Grandchildren
Children of Nicholas
Bailey Eileen Black

Children of Gypsy
Adalyn Gray Savage


2 Responses to Descendants

  1. Ralph Mansell says:

    Dear Dave, I doubt you remember me from Wavus camps. My 1st summer there you and your wife were there and you had your 1st child with you. I was a counselor there 69′ and 70′. I was wondering if you could send me Gary’s e-mail address? Or perhaps give him mine and tell him I thought I’d like to drop him a note and he could answer should he care to do so. Hope you are all well. Ralph

  2. harold Jimmy Jones says:

    Dear Dave:

    I hope this note finds you and your’s in great spirit and health. I am the son of Marguerite Isabelle Jones (Westerman) your Fathers Sister. Albeit geography has prevented us all from meeting it is very important for you all to know your Fathers impact on the lives of all us at this
    My Mother always impressed on us our heritage and kept us informed of your Father and Mother
    accomplishments. I am profoundly sad to hear of your Fathers and Mothers passing. I have been fortunate enough to have met your Father and in every instance he left an ever lasting and positive impact on my life as well as my siblings and children.

    Marguerite had six children: Married to Charles Schwager/Chilton Arlo Jones
    Nancy Elizabeth Schwager (Jones/Zomerdyke) 5-children
    Robin Denise Griffin/2 children/2 grandchildren
    Laurie Anne Griffin
    John Zomerdyke/2 children
    James Zomerdyke/ 2 children
    Daniel Zomerdyke

    Philip Douglas Schwager (Jones) Wife Patricia 2 children
    Douglas Jones/1 child
    Michelle Jones/2children
    Harold J. Jones/3 children
    Joesph Bryan Jones/1 Son
    Chilton Jones
    James Nicholaus Jones/Wife Colonel USAF Barbara Jones2-children
    Benjamin Nicholaus Jones
    Amelia Anne Jones
    Kaitlin Denise Jones
    Roger William Jones/1 Daughter
    Sarah Anne Jones
    Cheryl Lynn Jones/2 children
    Jeanne Denise Jones/2 children
    Richard Thomas Jones
    Charles Samuel Schwager/Jones Brother *Deceased

    In closing I thank you very much for the postings I am reading and I am Thankful to be able to write. I wish All of you well and God be with you.


    Jimmy Jones

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