Appendix II: Professional Vita

Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI Graduate Studies 1946-1948

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI B.A. Degree 1946
Freshman Basketball Freshman Football Freshman Tennis
Varsity Basketball Riding Club University Mixed Quartet

Adrian High School, Adrian, MI Graduate 1936
Class President Basketball Team, Captain
Tennis Team, Captain Football Team (quarterback)
Baseball Team (shortstop) Member Glee Club and Quartet

AL-GON-QUIN Camp – Burt Lake, MI, Assistant Director
YMCA Camp Berkett, Ann Arbor, MI, Assistant Director
YMCA, Ann Arbor, MI, Assistant Physical Director

Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI 1946-1949
Head Coach of Basketball, Track, and Tennis
Assistant Coach of Football and Baseball
Instructor of Physical Education

University of Maine at Orono, Orono, ME 1949-1982
Assistant Coach of Football, Basketball and Baseball
Head Football Coach
Director of Physical Education and Athletics
Professor of Physical Education

WAVUS Camps, Jefferson, ME, Owner and Director 1954-1977

Thorpe Real Estate Company, Vero Beach, FL, Licensed Real Estate Assoc. 1985-2007

Hillsdale College, Michigan – Basketball
1948-49 Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Conference Championship
University of Maine at Orono – Football
Overall Record = Won 72, Lost 36, Tied 7
Eight Maine Intercollegiate Athletic Association Championships
Three Yankee Conference Championships – 1951, 1961, 1965
Undefeated Teams – 1951, 1961
Lambert Cup Winner – 1965
Tangerine Bowl Invitation – 1965

New England Coach of the Year – 1965
District I Coach of the Year – 1965
National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics, Hall of Fame, Inducted 1983
Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Distinguished Achievement Award
Amateur Football Award – National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame, State of Maine Chapter, 1988
University of Maine Hall of Fame, Inducted 1990

Maine Intercollegiate Athletic Association – President, 1968-69, 1972-73
Yankee Conference – Chairman, 1970-71
National Football Coaches Association – 1953-1980
Eastern Conference Athletic Conference – Vice President, 1973-74
Service on ECAC Committees:
President, Eastern College Football Association – 1978-79, 1979-80
Executive Council – 1971-72, 1972-73, 1973-74
Constitution Committee – 1971-1973
Finance Committee – 1972-1978
Administration Committee – 1972-1974
Post-season Tournaments Committee – 1972, 1973, 1974
Football Awards Committee, Div. II – 1975-1978, Div. I-AA – 1979, 1980
Infractions Committee – 1975-1979; Chairman, 1978-79
Division II Hockey Committee – 1978-79
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Service on NCAA Committees:
Football Coaches Rules Committee – 1958, 1959, 1960
Voting Committee – 1974, 1975
Division II East Football Advisory Committee – 1975, 1976
Football Rules Committee – 1977, 1978, 1979
Committee on Committees – 1977, 1978, 1979

Chairman of the Maine Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports – 1977-1980
United Bank of Bangor, Maine – Board of Directors – 1979-1986
Kiwanis Club – Orono, Maine
University of Maine Conversation Club
Penobscot Valley Country Club
Bent Pine Country Club

Established a permanent Flag Pole for the football field with the financial support of the class of 1923 through the efforts of Roger Castle.
Established a permanent Black Bear Statue in front of Memorial Gym.
Constructed eight new tennis courts.
Established two permanent clocks visible from the football field high on the south wall of the field house.
Renovated the old field house by covering the dirt floor with a permanent C-M covering, creating six beautiful basketball courts and an artificially surfaced indoor track.
Built a new baseball stadium with the financial support of Larry Mahaney. It is now known as Mahaney Diamond.
Built an Olympic swimming pool with State and alumni financial support. Named the pool after Maine’s great athletic trainer Stan Wallace.
Built a permanent Hockey Rink with the financial support of Harold Alfond. Named the Alfond Arena.
Built an addition on Memorial Gym for Wrestling and Gymnastics. Later converted into offices for athletic coaches and a hallway to honor former Maine coaches.
Cleared a wooded four-acre area for practice fields and a varsity soccer field; added lights allowing for later practice in the fall season.
Completely redesigned the Varsity “M” from a narrow traditional M to a block M, and added navy blue to the powder blue and white.
Established the tradition and block M design for the varsity Maine ring awarded to championship teams.
Modernized and enlarged the varsity locker rooms and training room.

Coaches and Trainers
Harold Raymond Ass’t FTB coach 1951
Robert Hollway Ass’t FTB coach 1951
Samuel Sezak Freshman FTB coach 1951
Walter Abbott Ass’t FTB coach 1954; Head FTB coach 1967
David Rand Ass’t FTB coach 1954; Ass’t AD
Lew Clark Ass’t FTB coach 1955
Linwood Carville Ass’t FTB coach 1954; Ass’t AD
Russ DeVette Head BKB coach 1954; Ass’t FTB coach 1954
Walter Anderson Head BAB coach 1954; Ass’t FTB coach 1954
Jack Butterfield Head BAB coach 1955; Ass’t FTB coach 1955
James Butterfield Ass’t FTB coach 1955
Brian McCall Head BKB coach 1955
John Winkin Head BAB coach 1956
Stanley Wallace Head Trainer 1951
Hal Woodbury Ass’t Trainer 1951; Head BKB coach 1955
Gilbert Philbrick Head BKB coach1956
Wesley Jordon Head Trainer 1969
Alan Switzer Head Swimming coach 1972
Jeff Wren Head Swimming coach (Women) 1973
Jack Bicknell Head Football coach 1976
Jack Semler Head Hockey coach 1980
Ron Rogerson Head Football coach 1980

Graduate Assistants
Robert Whytock; Alton Hadley; Robert Flynn, Bob Pickett
Personal Secretaries
Rebecca Myers; Marion Greaves; Gloria Wheeler; Ellen Chessa
Business Manager
Stuart Haskell (also Ass’t Football Coach 1955-56-57)

(1949 & 1950: Ass’t Coach under Head Coach David Nelson; 1951 – 1966: Head Coach)
1949 Captain: Donald Barron.
2-4-1 (2-0-1 Yankee Conference); Yankee Conference Champions
1950 Captain: Peter Pocius, Jr.
5-1-1 (3-1 Yankee Conference)
1951 Captain: Peter Pocius, Jr.
6-0-1 (3-0-1 Yankee Conference); Yankee Conference Champions
1952 Co-Captains: John Butterfield, Phil Butterfield, Jr.
4-3 (3-1 Yankee Conference); Yankee Conference Champions
1953 Co-Captains: Ed Bogdanovich, Ed Cianchette
4-2-1 (1-2-1 Yankee Conference)
1954 Co-Captains: Thomas Golden, Ernest Smart
5-2 (2-2 Yankee Conference)
1955 Co-Captains: James Duffy, John Small
5-1-1 (2-1-1 Yankee Conference)
1956 Co-Captains: Thurlow Cooper, Peter Kostacopoulos
5-2 (3-1 Yankee Conference)
1957 Captain: Vernon Moulton
4-3 (2-2 Yankee Conference)
1958 Captain: Niles Nelson
6-2 (4-1 Yankee Conference)
1959 Co-Captains: Robert Bragg, John Welch
3-3-2 (1-2-2 Yankee Conference)
1960 Co-Captains: Ewen MacKinnon, Wayne Champeon, Richard Leadbetter
4-3-1 (3-2 Yankee Conference)
1961 Co-Captains: Robert Kinney, David Cloutier
8-0-1 (5-0 Yankee Conference); Yankee Conference Champions
1962 Co-Captains: Alton Hadley III, John Roberts
4-4 (1-4 Yankee Conference)
1963 Co-Captains: Daniel Severson, Earle Cooper
5-3 (3-2 Yankee Conference)
1964 Co-Captains: Michael Haley, Ernest Smith
5-3 (2-3 Yankee Conference)
1965 Co-Captains: Alan Riley, Walter Hirst
8-2 (5-0 Yankee Conference); Yankee Conference Champions
Tangerine Bowl
1966 Captains: John Huard, Charles Belisle
4-5 (2-3 Yankee Conference)


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